From the Pastor’s Desk

For the Church in the United States, the first Sunday of October is Respect Life Sunday, and the entire month of October is Respect Life Month. This is an opportunity to recommit ourselves once again to the Church’s Pro-Life mission. As Catholics, we are called to nurture and protect every human life, especially those who are most vulnerable in society.

Respect Life Month has particular significance this year in the state of Ohio. On November 7, voters will decide on Issue 1, a proposed amendment to Ohio’s constitution that would open the door to abortions during all nine months of pregnancy and remove parental notification when children under 18 seek an abortion.

As a Church, we are speaking out against this extreme measure. Our desire is to promote laws that defend the unborn, and this amendment would take away any legal protection afforded to a child in the womb. In short, Issue 1 is at odds with a human being’s first and most essential right: the right to life. For this reason, we are spreading the word to Vote No on Issue 1 next month.

All the while, Catholics continue to extend compassion to families affected by abortion. The women in our midst who have had abortions need to know that there is acceptance, mercy, and healing in the Church. Moreover, it is critical that we support women facing an unplanned pregnancy, as well as families experiencing the difficult challenges of raising a child. We unapologetically promote legislation that protects the unborn and lovingly accompany mothers in need.