Middle School

Middle School (Grades 6-8):

The main focus of the Middle School PSR program is to equip our youth for a deep, lifelong relationship with God and His Church, while preparing our students to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Our program is enhanced with dynamic Catholic speakers, various youth ministry opportunities, and participation in service projects.

6th grade: Focuses on the Old Testament

7th grade: Focuses on the New Testament

8th grade: Preparation for Sacrament of Confirmation

Students are encouraged to participate in the St. Joan of Arc Youth Ministry Middle School Program and after Confirmation to continue with the Youth Ministry High School Program


Middle School Coordinator
Margie Gesell

614.761.0903 ext. 310

What is needed today is a Church which knows how to respond to the expectations of young people.  Jesus wants to enter into dialogue with them and, through his body, which is the Church, to propose the possibility of a choice which will require a commitment of their lives.  As Jesus with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, so the Church must become today the traveling companion of young people. (Pope Saint John Paul II, Homily at World Youth Day, 1995)