Catholic Times Renewal

This year The Catholic Times is changing the process for the renewal of the Subscription.

The Catholic Times will be renewed directly through the Diocese.


Do you read The Catholic Times online at the diocesan website or receive the newspaper in the mail? The Catholic Times needs your support. Your donations allow The Catholic Times to continue its mission of providing news and information about the diocese that you won’t read anywhere else.  You’ll find news stories, features, sports, arts, insightful, and entertaining columns, an extensive calendar of events and more.


Subscriptions are still $17.00 and will be published every other week year-round.  The two preferred payment methods are below.  You may use the envelope provided in your February packet, or simply write your name and The Catholic Times on a plain envelope, make your check payable to the Diocese of Columbus – Catholic Times, and drop it into the collection basket. If you would like to donate to The Catholic Times to help others who might like to receive the newspaper but may not be able to afford a subscription, include the name and address of the individual or family.

The two payment methods to sign-up or renew The Catholic Times:

  1. Pay by Check:
  • Check should be made payable to The Diocese of Columbus-Catholic Times
  • Mail to:
    Diocese of Columbus
    Attn: Catholic Times Subscription Renewal
    197 E. Gay St.
    Columbus, OH 43215
  1. Pay by credit card:
  • Go to the Diocese website Catholic times webpage:
  • Once on the page, scroll down on LEFT hand side of menu, click subscription payments.
  • Or just click HERE to go directly to the subscription form.

Sign up or renew right away to avoid missing an issue!