Men’s Ministry Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) Zoom Meeting

Our ISI Men’s Ministry is taking advantage of Zoom meetings during this time. All men of the parish are encouraged to participate in our weekly meetings. Please see the information for joining one of these table meetings below.

Please watch the video for this coming week at least one half hour before joining a virtual meeting. If you aren’t already receiving emails from ISI, please email Steve Helmrich at

  1. Ensure you have Zoom: download the ZOOM App now on your phone/tablet, OR on your computer now (go to
  2. Watch the video for this session (contact for the current video) using the hyper-link above. Please do this any time before you join your table. Since it’s about 1/2 hour long, do it at least 30 minutes before joining your table.
  3. Select a table that you want to join for discussion from the list below. Note different times and dates.
  4. If you want to practice ZOOM, just for confidence, please call or text the table leader you have selected, using the phone number provided below to request a practice.  Should take only 5 minutes of your time.
  5. If you are having trouble with watching the video, call / text your table leader. There is a new video each week.
  6. Join your virtual table, which is a Zoom Group, using your the 9 or 10 digit Meeting ID# Some # have changed from last time. ZOOM will connect you with your fellow table participants. If you are using a computer, ensure your video and mic are working. You will then be able to have a discussion on the video you have just watched (and any other discussion you would like to have with your group). It will be fun.
  7. Group sessions may be limited to 40 minutes depending on the ZOOM version used.
  8. Additional tables may become available, even at different times and days.

Tables leaders and times are available as follows:

Table                                                                    Mtg time               Zoom Meeting ID#        Telephone # 

the Steve Helmrich table                                Sat 7:30 am              823-188-199                 614-306-7982

the Ron Light table                                         Sat 7:30 am                971-933-285                614-989-5130

the Mike Kelley table                                     Sat 7:30 am               859-3418-2296            202-699-1485

the John Bovitz table                                    Sat 7:30 am                863-093-280               614-746-4793

the Frank Voegele/Tom Festi table           Sat 8:00 am               436-961-2912               740-816-3337


Please consider joining one of these opportunities to continue to connect with our parish family though we cannot physically be together at this time.