Crucial Conversations are those discussions we need to have as a community and as parents, to keep our friends, neighbors and loved ones safe. These are also conversations that need to be addressed from a Christian perspective. What can we do to prevent those we love from becoming addicted to opioids? How can we help those who have already become addicted? What are steps that I can take to keep myself and my loved ones safe from trafficking? How do we handle social media, from a Christian perspective? How do we make sure those we love KNOW that they are valued and loved, and give them hope when they fall into depression or are anxious? How can we be Jesus to those we know and love?

Below you will find links to articles and resources that we hope will be helpful as you navigate parenting challenges. For more information, contact Paul Davis at

 Drug Prevention and Education Resources

The Emerald Jenny Foundation 
This foundation lists  local agencies and phone numbers/crisis lines for addiction.

Franklin County Prevention and Education Programs 
Franklin County Programs

DrugSafe Worthington helps families get educated, get help, and find local events.

Delaware Country Drug Liaison
Confidential support for persons and families struggling with addiction/substance use.

Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation 
Learn how you can play a part in suicide prevention.

Diocese of Columbus Suicide Prevention Resources

 Past Presentation Resources

P.E.R.C. presentation slides
January 29, 2019
Growing Resiliency in Today’s World (GRIT)

P.E.R.C. presentation slides
October 23, 2019
Growing Resiliency in Today’s World (GRIT)
Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys Slides